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lot of people want to be successful in the various areas of their lives, in business, career, marriage, and life in general. To live successful, rich and fulfil all their life-long goals and dreams of the good life . but why haven’t them achieve their ultimate desire or dream of their life? Well, success can not be achieved by just dreaming, it can only be achieved through the application of a set of skills fired up with personal motivation. But the question is: Are people applying these success skills I choose to call the “ULTIMATE SUCCESS SKILLS”? I will like to let you know that the difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful person simply lies on the skills they apply in their lives consistently. Success occurs by applying the skills and principles I will be sharing in this post on a day-to-day basis.
Personal development is simply the tool used to improve, change or re-model yourself to a successful, rich and happy person that you desire to be because achieving success in life is easy. In this post, I will be sharing with you the top 12 ways to become successful in life.
They are:

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Top 1

Observe Godliness in Your Life

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To me, godliness simply means doing things right and practicing the golden rules: “Do unto others as you would want them to do to you”. Believing and standing for the truth really sets you to live a godly lifestyle. Godliness also means serving people instead of looking for ways to sacrifice other people’s life and feelings in order to achieve your own gains and desires, even when you achieve something that way, all your achievements stands for a while before it comes crashing down.

Top 2

Avoid Laziness

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Success does not fall on your thighs because you desire it. You have to earn it by working hard to achieve it. Laziness is the greatest enemy to success in the life of anyone. A lazy person is a man or woman who would rather sit down, complain and give excuses about his or her problems and magnify the challenges he or she encounters in life than to work out plans and strategies, seek professional and expert advice to conquer his or her problems or challenges and solve them and continue on the journey to success, prosperity and happiness. You have to understand that nobody will ever be able to solve your problems and conquer your challenges for you except you because every man is created in a unique way and your problems and challenges are unique to you only and only you have the ability to solve your problems and conquer your challenges. So avoid laziness in your life.

Top 3

Set Goals and Targets For Your Life

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A goal to achieve a particular thing is like you being in a forest or desert and using a map to locate and direct yourself in the right path to follow to come out of that forest. How do you know what you have achieved in life? What you need to achieve? Where you are currently in your life? And how far you need to go to achieve your life’s goals and aspirations? The answer is Goals, Goals and Goals. Goals are simply written down plans and action steps you need to take to achieve success, create wealth and have true happiness all your life and secure the financial future of your children and unborn generations. So what is it you want to achieve in your life? Is it to get married? Start up a business to support your income/job? Grow your small business into a six-figure profit making business in the next five years? Pay your massive personal debts? Buy a personal home for your family? Get a bigger, better and high paying job? What time duration it will take you to get to your financial and success destination? Your goals is what will get you there.

Top 4

4. Acquire Skills and Knowledge in Several Business Fields/Industries

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How can you say you want to make money and become financially successful when you lack the skills and knowledge on how to make money in a particular business field or industry? Specialization in a particular business field is what makes an individual to become commercially valuable and financially successful. Go and acquire a skill or knowledge in any field of business that interests you so you can make money, create wealth and achieve financial freedom for yourself and family.

Top 5

Imitate The Best People You Know

In any field of knowledge, sector or industry, there are people there who have achieved success and can teach others how to replicate their strategies to achieve success. Such people are most times called Mentors. Mentors are successful people who can help you leave your limit boundaries, achieve success and progress in any field of life, be it business, career, politics, marriage etc. there are successful people who you can study how they achieved in a field of your interest and use their strategies and methods to achieve success for yourself.

Top 6

Have A Purpose For Your Life

Having a purpose for your life helps you live a fulfilled and well directed lifestyle. It makes you love your life and want to share your life and success others. Everyday you are excited about life itself and see life as a gift. And you are motivated to achieve more success. For more guide, read this book: The Purpose Driven Life.

Top 7

Do Not Neglect Your Health For Money

Health is Wealth as some people say, but I agree to this fact because it is a universal principle we must observe. In the pursuit of money, some people abandon their health and state of well-being believing that when they have a lot of money and financial influence, they can take care of their health and their well-being, believing the awful lie “Money talks and Bullshit works”. The Truth is , it doesn’t always work that way. Manage your health effectively through eating well, doing exercises, sleeping well, avoiding too much alcohol and smoking, avoid unhealthy sexual relationships, etc whether you are rich or not. Maintaining a stable and good health is a function of the state of your mind and mentality not how rich you are. So do not neglect your health.

Top 8

Maintain a Positive Mental Attitude Towards Life

When a man chooses to be a failure, he always gives up on his life’s goals and aspirations of success at the slightest sight of challenges on his journey to success. When you are faced with problems in life and have failed several times, you need a positive mental attitude to keep you going on in life. You don’t need to give up because you failed once or twice, believe in yourself and know that you are not a failure, you just need to try much harder and smarter and that’s what positive mental attitude is all about. Be optimistic not pessimistic about your life and people around you and in business, when challenges and problems show up, deal with them and don’t let them conquer you or weigh you down, just know that tough times come and go but tough people stay on forever. Have a mental positive attitude today.

Top 9

Avoid Loneliness in Your Life

A lonely heart grows weary over time. Loneliness creates darkness and boredom and kills your strong zeal to succeed in your life. Learn to live around people who love you and motivate you as well. Have a sincere and intimate relationship with an opposite sex. Having an intimate relationship will only spur you to achieve success to impress your partner but be careful when choosing a partner, ensure you choose a partner that motivates, criticizes, excites and truly believes in you and your life’s dreams and goals and can offer assistance to you when the need arises.

Top 10

Be The Best

The decision to be the best e platform upon which you will achieve success in your life. In all aspects of life, people love to associate themselves with the Best people especially in business. Try to go to the extreme to acquire knowledge that will make you the best and outstanding in your area of specialization or profession or business. How to be the best: learn new ways of doing things in an extraordinary manner. Do things in life, business, job or profession in ways that will bring out creativity, beauty and fascinate the imagination of other people around you. Being the best simply means to do simple things in extraordinary ways.

Top 11

Be a Good Manager Of Time

Time in Life is our greatest asset that cannot be quantified in any currency value but when invested rightly can lead us to an unending life of success, wealth and prosperity. Invest your time hourly not daily on productive activities that can lead you to your ultimate goal of success and wealth by doing the following daily: Reading books in the area of business, motivation, success and investment securities and economics, Attending serminars, training programs and business workshops and conferences centered around business, success and wealth creation, Joining a charity organization and donating to charity and charitable causes (this gives you the opportunity to meet with people of like minds and good nature and character to interact with and learn from) and Have quiet time sessions and brainstorm on ways to make money, improve yourself and business skills, live a happy life and Use the Internet to your advantage by researching for more knowledge and information on subjects that interest you. Organize your time daily by having a to-do list of things you do in a day and at the end of the day, cross check your list if you missed out on any of the productive activities, then re-do that activity the next day. Engage in one or two activities daily that will lead you to your goals and targets of success. As an Internet article writer, I have a personal goal of writing an article or two per week to meet my goal of having published three thousand, five hundred quality and relevant (3,500) articles among other activities to make money online.

Top 12

Have a Refined and Defined Character

Your character sells you more than your name, you don’t believe me? Let me ask you a question: How many people have lost a job, life partner, relationship or business opportunity etc because of character? Can you guess? Well my answer is uncountable because millions of people all over the world have character problems, do you want to stand out? Well, continue reading. A person’s character is like the scent of his or her personality. Our character is detected by others in the way we talk, act unconsciously, talk to others we have priviledge over in life, express our knowledge, dress, walk etc. if you want to improve on your character and attitude, Try to observe the list of ways you express ourselves to others and study the areas you lack and change. You can also talk to your loved ones to give you an unconditional and unbiased observation of you and your character and ask them to advice you on areas you exhibit bad character and attitude unconsciously towards them. Take their criticism in good faith and change. The secret tool to change is Honesty, so to build a great character, you need to be honest with yourself at all times. I learnt how to dress properly after losing my girlfriend, who later told me that the reason she ended our relationship is because I am not fashionable in my dressing and she is ashamed of going out with me or introducing me to her friends and parents. I took her criticism in good faith and improved on my dressing style through the help of a fashion expert and today, I have a gorgeous lady am dating currently and we are about to get married. So your character can make or destroy your image before others especially in the world of business where your character is part of your packaging strategy. So improve on your character today.

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“Success occurs when Preparation meets with Opportunity”. It takes ten years to prepare for success and one year to achieve it. With these tips shred in this post, I believe you will achieve success if you begin today. These tips have helped me to redefine my path in life and work towards success and after applying these tips for close to five years I began to see and experience the unexpected in my life, today, I make money and have a refined character and move with boldness towards my goals of success in my own field of business, which is the Internet. To achieve success in life is very easy, so I encourage you today to take the above steps and share your experiences with me in the comment form. Share this post with your friends in social networking sites if you find it helpful.

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