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egin building the new you - the you representing you at your very best - with these twelve topics for personal growth and development.

Personal Growth Ideas
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Do You Measure Up to the Person You Want to Be?

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Taking stock of your personal assets is a good way to begin planning future personal growth activities and goals. Before beginning personal development planning, you should inventory the assets that form the foundation for growth. Follow this personal asset inventory process for the six most critical resources necessary for continuing growth. Take this personal asset inventory.

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Finding Life Purpose - 3 Self Help Books

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Find meaning and fulfillment with your Life Purpose. To maximize your meaningful productivity, devote your goal setting efforts to activities that align with life purpose.

Which brings us to the tough question of finding life purpose. Becoming clear on life purpose can be a lengthy, though very satisfying process. We don’t need to reach full life purpose clarity, though, to start becoming more productive in a real and meaningful sense.

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Use Your Strengths to Excel in Life

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Build Your Personal Growth Plans Around Strengths. It’s clear from the recent research studies out of positive psychology that a fundamental component of purposeful growth should be our personal and unique strengths. This term gained popularity with Dr. Martin Seligman’s landmark book, Authentic Happiness, which introduced the concept of unique personal strengths and called them signature strengths.

Research studies indicated that when we utilize our signature strengths we’re most productive and creative; we produce work of high quality; and we’re happiest.

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Get Comfortable In Your Own Skin. Learn ro Meditate

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These seven keys to Master Meditation Problems will help you learn to meditate. The benefits of meditation are well documented. No longer the exclusive realm of alternative medicine and holistic healers, meditation is becoming a mainstream aid to the traditional medical community for stress reduction, relaxation, lowering blood pressure, and pain relief, among others.

Though mention of meditation often conjures images of ritual, ceremony, and chanting Eastern gurus, in reality meditation is a normal human function that can be mastered by anyone.

Top 5

Stop Spending Your Time in the Past and Future - Life is Now!

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An important skill for the personal growth enthusiast is the ability to self regulate thinking and behaviors using personal and emotional awareness and mindfulness. Learn to appreciate all aspects of each moment. Live in the present to enjoy life.

Top 6

Take a Good Hard Look at What You Believe

Stop unnecessary emotional and psychological pain and suffering that arises from beliefs you hold in your subconscious.

Top 7

Fear is Probably Holding You Back. Learn to Overcome it

Fear is keeping you from being all you can be; it’s limiting your personal growth and development in many ways. Learn to turn your fear into courage.

Top 8

Get Positive and Watch Your Life Improve

The benefits of positive thinking and positive attitude are well documented. Researchers of Positive Psychology find that people with positive attitudes are happier, healthier, and live longer than those with negatives attitudes and habitual negative thinking.

Top 9

Learn to Set and Make Great Goals

Do your goals include all eight critical ingredients of effective goal setting? Many of the most important goals of all—the life-improving goals—hang around un-achieved for years because they lack one or more very important ingredients. If your well-intentioned goals for personal and professional growth have fallen by the wayside more often than not, maybe you’re missing one of eight critical goal-setting criteria.

Top 10

An Attitude of Gratitude Paves the Way to Abundance

Positive Psychology researchers are confirming in study after study that regular demonstrations of gratitude will make you happier and healthier.

Top 11

Improve Your Relationships to Improve Your Life

All of life's experiences are enhanced when shared with friends and family. Practice these seven steps of a good relationship to help regain and strengthen ties to loved ones.

Top 12

Apologize, Forgive, and Get on with Your Life

Learn the benefits and important elements of successful acts of forgiveness and apology.

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Improve yourself in these twelve areas for amazing personal growth and development. Even more wonderful, you'll start attracting people who are also strong in these areas; new friends with common interests and values.

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