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he popular pedometer FITBIT, has a series of badges that are used to showcase achievements within the FITBIT app. This gamification of the exercise process makes walking with your fit better just a little bit more fun. These badges run the gamut from some fairly difficult achievements, to some fairly simple achievements, for daily walking at the FITBIT pedometer. This review of the top 11 FITBIT badges shows 11 badges that are particularly important.

Best Fitbit Badges
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Top 1

The Complte FITBIT Badge Collection

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Why choose a single specific badge to be the best we can look at the complete collection. Check out this link to the ultimate FITBIT pedometer badge page. This lists, and shows nice large graphics for every single fit bit badge but is currently achievable. New to fit bit and want to see what is available? Check out the link below.

Top 2

Olympian Badge. Daily Step Walking: 100,000 STeps

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If there is a single FITBIT badge that could be ranked as the most difficult to achieve, the Olympian badge fills that requirement. 100,000 steps a day is a huge accomplishment. Think of it this way, 10,000 steps is considered a decent fitness minimum step requirement. 10,000 steps will have you walking 4+ miles a day. Therefore 100,000 steps is 10 times this basic minimum requirement and will have you walking approximately 40 or more miles in a single day.

Top 3

10,000 steps in a day with yoru fitbit pedometer

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What is special about this achievement? 10,000 steps in a single day is something that is achievable by everybody, with a little bit of effort. That makes this achievement fairly common. What makes this special is that it is the market everybody should strive for every day. 10,000 steps great benchmark to FITNESS. If you can make it every single day for the rest of your life, you are on the way to lifelong fitness and health.

Top 4

Mountain -600 Floors in single day.

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600 floors is the equivalent of a mountain. About 6000 feet climbed at an incline. Getting 600 floors climbed in a single day is quite an achievement. Click below to see the badge

Top 5

25,000 Steps in a single day

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This fitbit badge has a curious spot. It is in between the, "achievable with a little effort" badges and the "damn hard to get" badges for daily step walking. With decent fitness and a little effort this goal should be achievable by anyone, but most would consider it one of the their better accomplishments.

Top 6

Benefits of Daily Walking

What do all of the Ftbit badges mean to you if you do not understand why walking can be really important to you. This post shows in detail the many reasons why walking is so important. Understand why walking is so important and you can get a grasp on why the FITBIT and the motivation the badges represent are also important.

Top 8

Fitbit Blaze

The newest fitbit pedometer option. The Blaze is a cool watch, that also tracks your movements, and provides support to walking for fitness.

Top 9


See all the badges on the Pinterest social network.

Top 10

FITBIT BADGES on Pinterest

See a nice graphic showing many of the best FITBIT badges available on pinterest. TIED UP in a single graphic.

Top 11

How Many Steps to Losing Weight?

A lot of time is spent discussing steps and tracking steps. But how do steps break down into actual weight loss?

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Hope you enjoyed this collection of FITBIT badges. Hopefully it inspires you to go out exercise in general, or specifically to try out a FITBIT and use its system for motivation and support in getting more daily walking.

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