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here is some jobs in the world,that are so interesting, but sometimes weird. People get paid to do some petty crazy things. In this article I will talk about some jobs ,that are rare and wierd. So here are ten of the weirdest jobs on earth.

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Professional ear cleaner

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In india, people get paid by cleaning other's ears. It may sound weird, but in some hotels, people come to your room asking you if you want to have an ear cleaning session. Also in some barber shops, they clean your ears after cutting your hair. Even if it's not a well paid job, people still do it and ask offer their jobs in the streets, so that others would know them. But in some Spas , it is a professional job, that you may have dyring a massage session.

Top 2

Professional mourners

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In some countries, there is certain people who's job is to cry during a funeral. They attend the funeral and grieve for the deceased. There is some companies that you may contact to send you people that would cry in the funeral. In addition to that, mourners get 70 $ per 2hours. But it is not job that you can count on it, because people don't ask for it too much.

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In Japan, you can hire a person who can apologize on behalf of people if you want to say sorry! It is a professional business, big companies hire these people to apologize to one another, instead of meeting up face to face. Especially that people who work in big companies doesn't have time to do it.

Top 4

Elephant dresser

In Sri lanka, there is a person who dresses an elephant in some ceremonies and get paid for that. Indians are known by their big ceremonies that should includes an elephant that people dance around it. That's why it should look well dressed according to the event they are celebrating.

Top 5

Breath odor evaluter

Some companies, like gum companies or tooth past companies hires certain people to smell their products to get to the smell they want. For example, some mouth care companies prefer to have a minty freshness in their products, that is why they hire people who smell a particular product and see if it has the perfect smell.

Top 6

Dog food taster

Pet food companies hires people to test the quality of their products. And usually they spit out the food once they taste it. It is a little bit risky but people do it anyway ! The objective of these companies is to make sure the pets are well treated.

Top 7

Undercover bridesmaid

People get paid for acting your bridesmaid and stand next to you in your big day. That's not an easy job, because you have to pretend you're someone that you 're not. It's like a personal assistant to the brides. For this job you get 60 $ per 1hour.

Top 8

Car watcher

There is a person who you can hire to watch your car while you go somewhere. So that no one could steal it or do some harm for it. It is not a professional job, because anyone can do it as a sort of help, and in return people pay them for their time and attention.

Top 9

Pushing on train

In Japan, there is some people, who's job is to push others on train to avoid Crowder.

Top 10

Ice cream taster

This is the most amazing job on earth, because you get to taste all kind of ice cream with all flavours and give your opinion about it. But you have to be an expert on this field.

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