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hese are the Top 10 highest selling vintage bicycles that sold on eBay during July 2011. You can see more sale prices and how much old bikes are worth by visiting my website. I have many old vintage bicycles for sale include classic Schwinn and Raleigh Bicycles, including Schwinn Sting Ray Krate and Pea Picker Bicycles, Raleigh Superbe, Schwinn Black Phantom Bicycles, Schwinn Spitfire, Schwinn Super Sport, Schwinn Hornet, and more. I also list popular selling vintage bicycles parts for sale including cranks, vintage whitewall tires, seats, chains, and more. See them all at Antique Bicycles for Sale.

I recently created another website highlighting all the most sought after collectible Vintage Bicycles for Sale here.

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1959 Vintage Schwinn Black Phantom - Value Worth / Sold for $2500

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1959 Vintage Schwinn Black Phantom

Top 2

Vintage Antique Lenape Road Bicycle - Value / Sold for $2449

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Vintage Antique Lenape Road Bicycle

Top 3

Whizzler Vintage Motorbike - Worth / Sold for $2100

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Whizzler Vintage Motorbike

Top 5

Vintage mint Bill Davidson sz 54cm bicycle campy bike - Value - Sold for $1693

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Vintage mint Bill Davidson sz 54cm bicycle campy bike

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As you can see from this Top 10 list, vintage Schwinn Bicycles are very popular and command a high sale price for the right bike in the right condition. You can see more old bicycle sale prices listed on my website Vintage Bicycles for Sale.

See more here: Vintage Bicycles for Sale here

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