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nfobarrel is a great Web 2.0 content site that can boost traffic to other sites while earning advertising revenue. It is a great complement to Best Reviewer. Here are the ways that knowledgable authors can use Infobarrel articles for great effect.

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Write Great Content

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If you write about subjects you know, or that truly interest you, you will find that your articles are better. With great articles, your content will be much more highly respected. Simply put, writing great content is the best tip for Infobarrel authors. The performance of your articles will be better if you pay some attention to Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. Write about things you know using terms that viewers will search for. This is as easy as adding modifiers to your topic. When writing about boats, for example, be sure to include a phrase such as "Where to buy a power boat", or other such phrase that refines your topic.

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Pick Great Keywords

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When writing articles, you need to write about keywords that can help you. Try to find topics that are popular without such huge popularity that can shut you out of the running. Writing about Adobe Acrobat, for example, will not work well for you. First, there are too many other articles about it. Next, there is no money in such articles. Instead, write about your favorite topics that have great keywords. Find ones that are searched for regularly, have high conversion rates and low numbers of competing web sites. It can take a lot of research to find such keywords, however.

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Include Great Photos

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A picture is worth 1000 words. Have at least one in each of your articles. People relate to photos and they remember articles that use them. It's an easy way to boost the perceived value of your article.

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Optimize Your Photos

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With the power of modern cameras, they can take very detailed photographs with incredible resolution or clarity. The colors are vibrant. These devices support enlarging your photos to wall size, if you want. Unfortunately, most web pages don't need nearly this much functionality. Instead, the huge file size of modern digital images actually works against you. The high resolution of the photos means that the file size is very large. This means that the photos take a long time to download to a viewer's screen. Take some time to get good photos but cut down the resolution to more minimal values. They'll still look great on an Internet browser but they will load in a fraction of the time. Your viewers will thank you for the thought.

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It's All About The Backlinks

People can't find you unless you get the word out. Once you have good articles published on Internet content sites, let people know about them. Use sites such as Best Reviewer to broadcast links to your other articles. People will find your content by going to one or the other site and they will click over to the other. Pick a number of sites to use from some of the many dedicated link sites that are anxious to get new writers and their articles. The best are ones that give you "Do Follow" capability. Here's a list of some great sites to use.

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Enter The Monthly Infobarrel Contest

Each month, Infobarrel offers a contest for the active writers. While it is difficult to win the contest, there is a substantial payoff for participating. The simplest reward is given to authors that earn 31 or more points through writing. Each published article of 1001 or more words earns 5 contest points. Six such articles earn 30 points. A single additional article of 501 words gives 1 more point. With 31 points, an author is given a 10% boost in their revenue earning opportunity in the next month. Writing 7 articles in a month is an easy way to get both the revenue boost and 7 more revenue earning articles on Infobarrel.

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Think About Writing and Backlinking

As soon as you start writing an article, start thinking about promotion through backlinks. Establishing a plan early for the article is a great way to accomplish both goals. That way you can publish good content, establish additional Internet marketing and save time in the process. Keep notes on what works, how to establish good links quickly and concentrate on boosting your efficiency in the future.

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Keep All Internet Marketing Opportunities in Mind

While article writing and backlinking are the main activities of Best Reviewer and Infobarrel authors, there are other available avenues as well. Periodically you may want to review the list of other activities to see if they make sense to your entire Internet content portfolio.

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Use Web 2 Options

Twitter, Facebook and other Web 2.0 sites are very valuable for Internet authors. Find out how to use they sites to your full advantage.

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Stay Safe on the Internet

Keep in mind good security tips during all of your Internet activities. There is no sense being a successful author if your own computer is useless to you. Keep it safe by observing the basic security considerations listed here.

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All Best Reviewer authors should consider the merits of Infobarrel articles as well. By following these tips, your articles will be as good as they can be.

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