Best Review - Top 10 Tips To Boost Your Confidence.


onfidence is what everyone wants to achieve and experience,because the confident you are the more successful and attractive you will be,achieving your goals and dreams will be easy,these powerful TIPS will help you to become and appear confident and attractive.

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Top 1

Set A Small Goal And Achieve It.

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on Set a goal you know you can achieve and then achieve will feel good about yourself.Soon you will be setting bigger goals and achieving those too, and this will have positive effect on your self- esteem and confidence.

Top 2

Clear Your Messy Desk:

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Clearing off your desk when messy is like clearing your mind of the negative thoughts that may be affecting your confidence.

Top 3

Stop Procrastinating.

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Always attend to your first -to-do- list,first,by doing this you will feel great about yourself and this help boost your confidence.

Top 4

Empower Yourself with Knowledge:

The surest way to empower yourself is with knowledge,with knowledge you will become more confident and knowledgeable by doing research and studying.

Top 5

Speaking Slowly.

A person in authority,with authority speaks slowly,it shows confidence.A person who feels that he is not worth listening to, will spwaeak quickly, because he does not want to keep others, waiting.Do not sound rushing speak slowly and pause where is necessary.

Top 6

Stand Tall:

I have a horrible posture, so it will sound hypocrical for me to give this advice, but i know it works because i try it often when i remind myself to stand tall and straight. I feel better about myself. People who stand tall and confident are more attractive.

Top 7

Compare Yourself To Yourself not to Others.

The thing is if you pass one person then you will just find another person more sucessful than you and your happiness of being a winner will once again transform into anxiety and fear.Compare yourself to yourself.Improve yourself and see how you grow and become a more sucessful, more confidebnt and happier person.

Top 8

Avoid The perfectionism Trap.

Few habits can be so destructive in daily life, as perfectionism.It can paralyse you from taking action because you become so affraid of making mistakes and living up to some standard.and so you procrastinate and you do not get the result you want. This will automatically make youself esteem to sink.

Top 9

Wear Clean Clothes:

Clean clothes do not only make you look smarter , they also make you feel very good about yourself.By wearing cleaned and ironed clothes,this automatically riase your vibration and increase yourself confidence.

Top 10

Be Good And Nice To People.

For instance picking up a conversation with the postman or shopkeeper,putting a smile on someone's else face is bound to put a smile on yours too.

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