Best Review - Top 10 things done by primitive man and continued until today.


espite the completion of some of the characteristics that characterize the old man in the era of power and individual revenge, in the absence of a law regulating the social life between individuals. However, some of these qualities have been inherited and inherited with man in the present age despite the passage of millions of years and despite the existence of strict laws governing the relations of individuals in society. However, hatred and vengeance continued to exist between individuals, each other. Despite the existence of laws that ensure peace and security among individuals and the consolidation of friendly relations between States

 The legacy of the use of force and violence throughout the ages.
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10 - Adoption of the wrestling system to gain the right.

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This system prevailed among peoples living on the borders of the Roman Empire, which was the use of physical powers to defeat the opponent. He who wins shall be the rightful owner. At first it was free and without rules, and then it became by agreement between the players and a referee.

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Invasion and annexation of territories for expansion.

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Relations between nations have been characterized by aggression, a strong state invading a weak state and annexing its territory to its territory. After defeating the Greeks, the Romans conquered all the lands that were under the Greeks. This system, in its present sense, is the occupation despite the existence of many international norms and laws that regulate relations between states and some of them.

Top 8

Grab and obscure means to earn property

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The imposition of force on a particular object was considered a cause of ownership. The Roman law considered possession of permissible money with the intent of owning property, such as wild animals and islands at sea. Grab and obscure are most evident in developing countries where government officials seize and illegally seize state land and possess it without right.

Top 7

Marriage by kidnapping.

Marriage was through the abduction of women victims of war and the woman was considered the wife of the man who abducted her. The Romans had known a different form of marriage in the past: a man puts his hand on a woman and has sex with her for a whole year and becomes his wife. This is like rape in our time.

Top 6

Slavery system.

In ancient societies power was the primary source of slaves through war. Prisoners of war were prey to the victorious army and were either entitled to kill them or to own them as slaves. Even today, if a state wins over me, the victorious army will capture the captured soldiers of the defeated state, kill them or put them in prisons and torture them.

Top 5

The legislative, judicial and executive branches have been concentrated in the hands of the head of the tribe.

5. The legislative, judicial and executive branches have been concentrated in the hands of the head of the tribe. He was the sole authority of the three authorities. He issued laws and decreed them. He was also in charge of the affairs of the tribe. He used to move the armies and he carried out the punishment for the culprit. In particular, there is a great similarity with the modern era.Where some rulers ruled power and defeated their people like Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

Top 4

Forced execution of the debtor's money and his person using force.

Under Roman law, under the provisions of the Twelve Panels, the creditor who obtained the judgment or recognized the debt debtor could sell the debtor as a commodity outside Rome or kill it. If multiple creditors have been distributed among the debtor among themselves. It is very similar to the Code of Civil and Commercial Procedure in Egypt and France in case of bankruptcy But different from the need for a judicial ruling to imprison the debtor and the seizure of his wealth by the force of law and through judicial representatives.

Top 3

Revenge of the member of the tribe if attacked by someone from another group.

The group took revenge and took revenge for its member in case of assault by a member of another group and not only the group revenge from the aggressor, but extends the right of vengeance to include each tribe is an enemy of the aggressor group and it shows recently through the system of revenge known so far in Upper Egypt, despite There are deterrent laws, but there are individuals to know only the forces

Top 2

Power was the means of social control in the old society.

In the absence of an authority capable of setting laws and imposing them on individuals and to punish those who violate them. Today, however, there are numerous laws that guarantee the protection of individuals in society, such as murder, theft and rape

Top 1

Power is the only way to get the right.

The old man had lived the law of the jungle where power guaranteed him the right, he lived on fishing to feed and use force to defend himself against predators; and perhaps this is justified in his approach to power

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Do not wonder if you find people who are fighting for simple and trivial things because these qualities are inherited from the primitive life that has been stripped of humanity.

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