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f you own or rent a home that has a swimming pool in the backyard, you know the amount of maintenance and care the pool needs. Do you have a good handle on your pool, making sure that the water you are swimming in is sparkling clean and clear? Or do you unknowingly have bacteria in your pool that can make you and other swimmers sick? Or are you getting a line of algae along your pool water line?

Has your pool pump stopped working? Or do you see water leaking around your swimming pool motor or filter? Do you have tough pool stains on your swimming pool walls?

Here are some of the top reasons people need to call a swimming pool cleaning company to come out look at and fix their pool problems.

Swimming Pool Service Repair
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Top 1

Green Pool Cleaning Service

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Especially once the weather starts warming up, one of the most common needs for a swimming pool cleaning company is to come out and clean up a nasty green pool. Maybe the pool owner just bought the house and the pool hasn't been maintained and cleaned in many months. Or maybe the pool is just started to turn green because of some underlying repair issue with one of the swimming pool's pieces of equipment, like the pool motor, pool pump, or pool filter. By having a pool cleaning company come out, you can have the problem properly diagnosed, as well as getting the green pool cleaned up. And in some cases you really don't want to know what's really lurking under that dark green water. Leave it up to the pool professionals to muck it out.

Top 2

Pool Pump Repair

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If all of a sudden your pool pump is not working as it should, call a pool maintenance company. They have the working knowledge to properly detect the problem, whether it is electrical or a leak, or if you need an entirely new pool pump. They can also determine if your pump went bad because maybe it's not the right size and horsepower for the size of your swimming pool.

Top 3

Swimming Pool Heater Repair

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If you depend on your swimming pool heater to keep your water a nice temperature in the winter, especially if your house is rented out to weekly vacationers, then you want your swimming pool heater to be fixed right away. Call a pool repair company in your area.

Top 4

Pool Motor Repair

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Your pool can't run your water through the filter system without your pool motor working properly. Your pool will soon start turning green in the summer months. Call your pool service company immediately as soon as you see your swimming pool motor not working properly.

Top 5

Swimming Pool Leak

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This could be a leak in an above ground pool, a leak or crack in an inground swimming pool, or a leak around the equipment, like the motor, pump, or filter. Anytime you see or suspect a leak, call a pool repair company or a leak detection company. You don't want water around your electrical components and you also don't want your water bill to be sky high. A swimming pool leak repair company has special equipment to diagnose where the leak is coming from and can fix it for you.

Top 6

Pool Tile Repair

If you have cracked, damaged, or missing pool tiles, a pool repair company can fix them for you.

Top 7

Pool Plaster Repair

Cracked or chipped plaster on your pool walls can be fixed too.

Top 8

Pool Light Repair

Many times a pool light bulb just needs to be changed. However if the seal on the light has gone bad, the GFI outlet may be bad and need to be fixed. Call a swimming pool repair company to diagnose the nature of the problem and fix it.

Top 9

Pool Chlorine Wash

A chlorine wash or sometimes called a chlorine bath, kills all the algae and bacteria on the walls of the pool. This is especially important if you had a really bad green pool. However it does not remove stains on the pool walls, that needs to be done with a pool acid wash.

Top 10

Pool Acid Wash

An acid wash uses an acid to remove a small portion of the pool wall, getting rid of tough stains. This must be done with extreme care and should not be attempted by the homeowner unless they have experience doing this and all the proper equipment. It is highly recommended that you call a swimming pool repair company to perform an acid wash on your pool.

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Many times it will be cheaper for the pool owner to have a swimming pool maintenance company come out and fix the problem, than simply trying to fix it themselves. The pool cleaning company gets their supplies and chemicals at wholesale cost, so many times the price for them to clean up a green pool (or some other pool repair) with labor, knowledge, and chemicals included, will be the same as what a regular customer would spend just on the chemicals at a local pool supply store. And many times there is an underlying problem with the equipment that is causing the water to turn green (or whatever). The swimming pool's problem needs to be properly diagnosed, or the pool owner is just going to keep having the same thing happen over and over again.

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Blue Cactus Pool Service LLC provides swimming pool cleaning, repair, and maintenance services throughout the Phoenix Arizona metropolitan area.

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