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hen we think of everyday life I am sure a song comes to mind for just about any situation. Most of the time the songs we listen to are those related to our lives. In most cases we like the music we can relate to and don't take the time to listen to anything else. It's not that we don't care about any other kind of music or type of music we are just afraid to find out that life is more complicated the we actually know so we tend to try to stick to what we know the simple things.

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Top 1

Hold it against me

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Britney Spears great song you should listen to it if you have not already heard it. Good job with this one.

Top 2


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Bruno Mars I remember when i was introduced to this song. People use to think I was crazy for listening to it but what can I say I liked the song. Now it is one of the top songs from this year way to go Bruno.

Top 3

Black and Yellow

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Wiz Khalifa I haven't heard this one yet but everyone is talking about it so I thought I would add it to my top. I am not going to pretend like I listen to all these songs because truth of the matter is I don't I am just way to busy to but when I have time I do listen to most of them.

Top 4


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Katy Perry This song is pretty good if they would stop playing it so much I hate when they run a song into the ground like that. Sometimes it makes a person dislike a song because they get tired of hearing it. It is however a really great song if you actually listen to it. Love songs are the best lol.

Top 5

Tonight (Im leaving you)

Enrique Iglesias ft. Lude again this is a song I have not heard just yet but I am a huge fan of Enrique's work and I have talked to many of musics top critics and this song is major on the charts right now. When I get some free time I will surely listen to this one.

Top 6

What the hell

Avril Lavigne I haven't heard this one either but I got a tip from some of my sources that this song is making major money in the music world so I took the liberty to do a bit of research and my sources was right on it is one of the top songs for this year so far. Good job

Top 7

The Timy (dirty beat)

The Black eye peas I don't know much about this song I never heard it and I don't really think I want to just because of the title but for some reason it has made the list as it is a popular song and it's popularity is growing in numbers everyday so I added it to this list.

Top 8

6 foot 7 foot

Lil Wayne ft. Cory Gunz personally I don't like much of lil waynes work but he is a good artist just not the type of music I choose to listen too. However this one kind of made me think a bit. Maybe there is more to this guy then he is leading us to believe. Check it out

Top 9

We are who we are

Kesha I thought this was a weird name for a song but hey who cares if it sales right. I don't know much about this artist or song for I have not heard it yet but it has hit top of the charts a few weeks in a row so there must be something good about it right? Ill let you be the judge of that

Top 10


Kayne West ft. Jay z well I know these hip hop artist now days I am not sure what H.A.M. stands for because I have not heard the song nor do I think I want to but lets be real it's popular it made top on the charts and it sales many of copies so somebody is doing something right.

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