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here are a variety of free invitation sites on the Web, many of which offer high quality invitation artwork you can download and print at home. As you can imagine, there are lots of generic birthday, anniversary and wedding invitations. But there are also a lot of options for very specific types of parties, such as luaus and BBQs, Quinceaneras (a Hispanic girl's 15th birthday celebration, which is considered her launch into society), housewarmings, graduation parties, tea parties and that all-important 50th wedding anniversary party. Below is a collection of free invitation sites that offer a vast selection of artwork, plus instructions for using it and tips for throwing great parties.

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Assorted Free Printable Party Invitations

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This site offers a large selection of free invitations, as well as links to other off-site resources. It has art for free printable invitations for girls, boys and adult birthdays; anniversaries; Quinceaneras; housewarmings; weddings and commitment ceremonies; luaus and BBQs, Christmas and New Years; Halloween, St.Patrick's Day; Easter; Mother's Day; Father's Day and more.

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Free Wedding and Commitment Ceremony Invitation Templates

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This site offers a large selection of free 5" x 7" horizontal and vertical wedding and commitment ceremony invitation art. There are many contemporary designs in pink, blue, purple, and black and white; and two vintage art designs. Complete instructions are provided, along with wedding invitation wording samples and free resources and videos to help make your big day special.

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Free Anniversary Invitation Templates

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These 5" x 7" anniversary invitations were created specifically for celebrating anniversaries. the site also has free videos that will teach you to make your own table centerpieces, links to appetizer recipes, a video tutorial on buying champagne and a list of both traditional and modern anniversary gifts for each year.

Top 4

Free Birthday Party Invitations for Adults and Kids

This collection of A2 sized printable birthday party invitations features designs suitable for both adults and kids of all ages. There are colorful birthday hats and confetti, balloons, butterflies, flowers, bees, a birthday train and scrollwork flourish designs that come in four colors.

Top 5

Free Tea Party Invitations

These square printable tea party invitations can be printed at 4" x 4", 5" x 5" or 6" x 6" if you want them to fit standard envelopes. they can also be printed at any other size if you plan to e-mail them or hand them to your guests personally. the designs include vintage and contemporary flowers, hearts and fruit, and, of course, teapots.

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Free Quinceanera Invitations

These free 5" x 7" Quinceañera invitations are perfect for the family who is throwing a traditional 15th birthday party for their daughter and don't want to spend a lot of money on the invitations. They come in the popular shades of pink and purple, and feature themes designed to appeal to 15-year-old girls and their party guests. The page also has a video of Quinceañera cake samples and free clip art that matches the invitations.

Top 7

Free Baby Shower Invitations

These free square baby shower invitation templates feature traditional blue-for-boys and pink-for-girls invitation designs, along with a few that have gender neutral color schemes. The themes include baby bees, toy trains, hearts and flowers.

Top 8

Free BBQ Invitations

These free 5" x 7" BBQ invitations feature themes such as a brightly colored BBQ apron, a hamburger and cola, and a set of barbecue tools. There are also video tutorials that teach basic BBQ skills, and how to make country-style BBQ ribs and a dry rub.

Top 9

Free Graduation Party Invitations

These free square graduation party invitations have iconic graduation themes, such as mortarboards or graduation caps, diplomas, a gold seal and confetti.

Top 10

Free Beach Party and Luau Invitations

These colorful and fun tropical 5" x 7" beach party, beach BBQ and luau designs will make it so your guests can't wait for your party! there are also video tutorials that teach how to dance the hula and make inexpensive and quick tropical decorations.

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With any luck, you'll be able to find an invitation template you can use for your next party within this vast collection of free invitations. Whatever type of party you're having, I hope it's a great success!

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