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acklinks are what makes webpages standout, get traffic and start to earn cash. Sadly most webpages out there have zero links to them. The upside is that creating even a couple links to your webpage can boost its popularity above all the pages with zero links to them. Here are the best websites for quickly creating quality links to your webpages - they are the best because in many cases you can also earn revenue sharing of the pages you create with the links. Truly a Win-Win for you and your online content.

Some of these links lead to articles that explain how to maximize the benefit of each site, not directly to the site in question. Good luck.

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This site is an up and coming site with a lot of very useful features. You create links one by one when you set up a Tops list like this one, and you create links to your main site automatically on every top, plus it integrates with SheToldMe to quickly create a backlink for your top.

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A digg like bookmarking site that allows you to quickly create good links to your articles. Share Google Adsense and Chitika revenue on your scoops. This link goes to an article on how to use SheToldMe effectively.

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Best ads 1 is not a site that directly gives you backlinks but it is a great place to find ideas of where to get backlinks. This article explains exactly how to mine BlueBackLinks for link ideas.

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YouSayToo Advanced Techniques

Best ads 2 is a revenue sharing blogging platform, but it can easily be turned into a backlink generating machine on autopilot. This article explains how to set yourself up correctly. Adsense Revenue Sharing is a nice bonus.

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Bukisa for Backlinks

Bukisa pays based on views you get. The money comes through paypal. Bukisa articles are good places to build in some backlinks, especially if your article gets syndicated and the links get spread. Learn more by clicking the url below.

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Infobarrel is another revenue sharing site where backlinks can be built into articles. Learn more about infobarrel in this review.

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KarmaLynx is a site similar to SheToldMe but without a referral program (which has restricted its growth). Learn how to use KarmaLynx with this review.

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Yes you can actually get a nice do follow link from YouTube. Here is how.

Top 9

Adsense Revenue Sharing site focused on places. Learn more in this interview with the founder of Infomine.

Top 10

Earn Adsense and build links with this classified site.

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Do not restrict yourself to creating links on just one site. Instead create links from a variety of sites to maximize the benefits of the links. Happy linking.

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opajdara's picture

Thanks for sharing this. Half

Thanks for sharing this. Half of the sites you mentioned are new to me, I'll definitely check them out.

JadeDragon's picture

Glad the list is helpful to

Glad the list is helpful to you. Best of luck :)

Pukeko's picture

Thanks for making this very

Thanks for making this very useful list. I am pretty new to internet, and the world of backlinks and SEO, so it is very useful for me. Thanks also for leaving me a comment, or I may not have found you :)

JadeDragon's picture

I've got tons of info on my

I've got tons of info on my blog about link building - had to learn this over the last year and decided to blog about what works and does not work and how to earn more from creating those links. Glad someone reads my comments - that warms my heart :)

BrianRS's picture

Great list, and I see you are

Great list, and I see you are staying loyal for the first 2. I will have to look at the infomine because I run a lot of travel information sites.