Best Review - Top 10 Reasons Why Minnesotans' Want Spring Here So Badly


hat do all Minnesotans' have in common at this time of year? We Minnesotan's, feel like we live in the" land of the lost" in mid winter. Cold, warm, frigid, flooding, hail, rain, thunder snow, warm, freezing rain,wind, more snow. Who say's that that the ground hog really knows what is going to happen in the spring. I know this year the ground hog was wrong about Minnesota. You betcha.

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You had me at: Ice Dams

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Top 9

Can't seem to remember what the sun is

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Sad means: Seasonal Affective Disorder & it aint no river in China

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I am talking to myself more often

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My dry patchy skin is falling off

Top 5

You know the song " Hotel of California?"

Top 4

Which would you pick, Arctic or sub zero?

Top 3

I am feeling at one with my walls

Top 2

The term " Housebound" has taken on a new light

Top 1

Can you say FROSTBITE?

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Spring fever has hit mighty hard here in Minnesota. Folks here are all talking about how much more severe weather they will have to put up with, before minds are gone. Everywhere in Minnesota communities, stores, coffee shops, book stores, gas stations, you hear the whisperings or sometimes, the loud roars of the Minnesota people talking about this winter weather. When will it end? How much longer will we have to endure. All we know is that we want to be back out on our stoops, patios, decks enjoying Minnesota warm spring weather.

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