Best Review - Top 10 reasons to buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab instead of an iPad - it's simply better!

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab is better than Apple iPad in so many ways. The only valid reason to buy an iPad would be to assume being an Apple Fanboy or a sheep whose buying habits are dictated by marketing and what other sheeps buy. If you're still not convinced that Samsung Galaxy Tab is a better choice than iPad, go ahead, buy your crap and don't forget to change it in less than one year when Apple will have added a webcam and all the rest.. Webcam and Camera The Samsung Galaxy Tab has a front webcam as well as a 3 million pixels camera at the back with a LED flash. iPad gets none of that, what a shame! USB Slot Samsung Galaxy Tab has a miniUSB slot and iPad has no USB port at all. Thank you Apple. Android Samsung Galaxy Tab runs on Google's OS Android, iPad runs on iOS. With Android you are free, with iOS you are dependant on Apple, if you are fine with that, that's good. Flash Samsung Galaxy Tab runs on Android, so you can see websites which have Flash content (eg: YouTube) but on iPad you simply can't, since Apple decided Flash (owned by Adobe) was causing too much problem for its poor devices. That means, no flash games guys. No flash videos. Apple, you know what? DIE! Dimensions & Weight Samsung Galaxy Tab has a 7 inches screen, iPad a 9.7 inches. Dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy Tab are (in cm) 19 x 12 x 11.9 and iPad's dimensions are 24.2 x 20 x 13.4. Galaxy Tab's weight is only 380 grams compared to the 730 grams of the iPad. It's up to you, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is small and light, the iPad is big and heavy. The screen resolution is about the same with 1024x600 for the Samsung and 1024x768 for the Apple. SIM Two SIM slots for the Samsung Galaxy Tab, one microSIM for the iPad. SD Memory Card A microSDHC slot on the Samsung Galaxy Tab and nothing on the iPad. That's right, the iPad doesn't give any USB slot and no slot for memory cards. iPad I love how trash you are with your customers, they enjoy it so much that you give them such good hard times. HDMI With Samsung Galaxy Tab you can connect your tablet on a big flat screen via HDMI slot which is on its dock. With iPad you'll watch your movies on its screen only. Gyroscope / Compass / Accelerometer Compass and accelerometer are on both devices. But gyroscope is only on Samsung Galaxy Tab, a gyroscope can be very useful in such a device, don't you think? Probably will come on iPad 2 along with a webcam... RAM iPad has 256MB of RAM on the Samsung Galaxy Tab is double, 512MB. RAM is useful to run applications in good conditions.
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ipadsucks's picture

the galaxy tab would have

the galaxy tab would have been perfect but i would still much rather that it's size is equal to if not bigger than the ipad's.

a visitor's picture

You are obviously a marketing

You are obviously a marketing Arm for the Galaxy Tab and not giving an unbiased report

Alliax's picture

If you mean someone paid by

If you mean someone paid by Samsung to do biased report in favor of the Galaxy Tab you're wrong but I wish I was..
No, I looked at the features of several tablets and Samsung Galaxy Tab came first in my ranking, iPad was third. What is an unbiased report for you? One that ranks iPad first?

As for the size's critic, excuse me but 7" is NOT the size of any smartphone out there. And it is a good size because the weight is at half the weight of iPad and the size means you can easily hold it with one hand. Plus the size is good enough to read, play games, browse. Of course if your eye sight is not good, then it can be a problem, which can or cannot be fixed by correct glasses.

For me it was the best in the ranking I did, but when new tablets will be released in 2011 then the result may not be the same. For instance when Apple release iPad 2 which could have been iPad 1 with for instance a webcam for visio conference, and other improvements, then perhaps it will become a leader, who knows..

a visitor's picture

Market knows which one is

Market knows which one is better. The game was over. Samsung sucks!

Zachary's picture

this samsung galaxy tab is

this samsung galaxy tab is perfect for what i need, especially since it has flash, memory card slot, camera and multi-tasking and the ipad doesn't have any of those. i go with Alliax. plus if the marketing is better than people just want the ipad because of its high popularity. the samsung galaxy tab is an improved version of the ipad.

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