Best Review - Top 10 most mentioned brands on Twitter

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Which brands are the most twitted about? Of course the number one is Twitter itself, but Facebook is just 3rd after Youtube and in front of iPhone. The 10 most mentionned brand are definitively "Geek" and it's normal since the core of Twitter userbase is geek. Twitter Youtube Facebook iPhone Google Apple Android Amazon Yahoo! BBC
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them are some pretty kewl

them are some pretty kewl things there for the searches...thanks for sharing them with us!! I checked out the twitter one as I have i strong interest in twitter....i think it is a VERY VERY powerful tool to get your biz out there!! :D

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Yes I like all those tools to

Yes I like all those tools to classify. Like Adwords keyword tool or Google Insights. I also like best sellers list on ecommerce sites. It would be nice to have those lists in real time in the bricks and mortars shops.
I ask only for the best sellers, but online we can even get the most popular list of products ranked by users, that's good!