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ave you ever just looked in your wardrobe and thought, "damn i don't know what to wear"? or "What is in trend right now"?
Well here are my personal top 10 male outfits of 2018

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Top 1

Anti Social Club/ Off-White

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We will kick this list off with a 2 in 1 outfit idea for you. Black and white is always a great trendy colour way and you can always find clothes to go with your outfit with these colours. LEFT - Anti social club black/white outfit, RIGHT Off-White black/white outfit.

Top 2

Supreme Collab with The North Face

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Now becoming more popular with the clothing industry, well known brands are bringing out Collaboration items with other well known brands. Here is a prime example of a "By all means necessary" jacket which was designed by both The north face and Supreme.

Top 3


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Everyone has heard of Nike, i am also sure the majority of people own or have at least owned an item of clothing by Nike. This makes it easy to pick out some nice items to go with your Nike piece.

Top 4


Even more popular than Nike, here we have Adidas. The king of fashion, the king of fitness clothing. Adidas is an extremely popular worldwide brand that everybody should be styling this year.

Top 5


Men wearing pink was beginning to become popular back in roughly 2014 but has been extremely popular in 2017, and will most likely be even more popular in 2018. Making sure you get pale pink, will ensure it goes with almost any clothing item.

Top 6

Men in tights?

Men combining tights/leggings with shorts has become the newest and most trendy outfit idea to date. I mean you have to admit, it does look kinda cool.

Top 7

Denim jackets

Denim jackets have been in fashion since at least the 90's, and they are still a must-have fashion item to date. That must mean something right? Denim jackets make the simplest of outfits look smart and fashionable.

Top 8

Getting to the shoes

Shoes are one of, if not the most important part of your outfit. They redefine your outfit and make it complete. The most expensive and most popular shoes of the past year have been the Adidas Yeezy, designed by Kanye West himself.

Top 9


The Adidas Nmd was and still is another popular brand of shoe. Adidas Really have nailed it in 2017 when it comes to clothes, i mean come on. Just think about how many years they have been going strong.

Top 10


Timberland boots are a more mature and grown up type of footwear. From building sites to the red carpet these snazzy popular boots are seen everywhere on social media and are extremely popular in the fashion industry.

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