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Jenga puzzle game is a tower of wooden blocks that takes critical thinking skills and a bit of luck to try to keep the tower from toppling over. Each player pulls one wooden block out from the tower, then replaces it on the top of the tower, trying to keep the Jenga tower from falling over. Players cannot touch the tower in any way to steady it. It's a great family game and makes the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for all types of people. Beyond just the original version of this classic stacking game, Jenga also comes in some custom editions, as well as different versions with alternate rules. Here's some of the most popular and best selling Jenga games.

Donkey Kong Jenga
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Garden Jenga

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This not actually an official "Jenga" game, but rather a competitor's version of this classic stacking game, but with large outdoor wooden pieces, in which you can make the tower taller than the people playing it.

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Donkey Kong Jenga

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The Nintendo Donkey Kong version of the Jenga game is colored and themed in Donkey Kong, and you try to arrange the Jenga blocks to get Mario to the top of the Tower.

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Jenga Max

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This version of Jenga uses magnets and you try to hang the blocks both wide and high until it's "Maxed" out and falls down.

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Jenga Extreme

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In this version, the blocks are not regtangular, but rather are parallelograms which are angled. This is for advanced users who think the regular Jenga game is too easy.

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Harley Davidson Jenga

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Custom Themed pieces

Top 6

The Nightmare Before Christmas Jenga

The box is in the shape of a coffin. The pieces are custom colored to matched the colors and logos of The Nightmare before Christmas.

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