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y improving your general health you will be able to improve your well-being and good factor; there are many simple things you can do to achieve this but motivation is one of the most important aspects to consider.

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How to Reduce Bad Cholesterol

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Cholesterol is a big problem among many adults worldwide and although it is easy to control and reduce the factors that increase the risk, we normally don't pay attention to it; two simple things you can do is exercise and diet; you will see results almost immediately.

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Benefits and Precautions of Green Team

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Green tea is one of the healthiest drinks and for sure the best tea you can drink to improve your health; the many properties of this tea will keep you looking younger than what you are and be healthier than ever.

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How to Control Stress

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Long-term stress causes serious problems to our health and well-being but did you know that short period of stress is good for you? it is what makes you wake up and go to work in the mornings.

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Benefits and Precautions with Sauna

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Sauna is nowadays considered a light exercise; that means that it will help you lose weight quicker; particularly if you combine it with a good diet and exercise; however, precautions should be taken; you shouldn't abuse the use of it; three times a week is the maximum for optimum health.

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Benefits and Precautions with Steam Room

Although the steam room will not make you lose as much weight as sauna, it does offer similar benefits to the sauna, however, if you want to improve the condition and good look of your skin then the steam room should be your choice.

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Bikram or Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga is a form of yoga but practiced in a room heated to over 40°C for almost 90 minutes; can you imagine the amount of sweat it will produced? the good news is that sweating is good for your health.

Top 7

Improve your memory and you Quality of Life

The dream of any person over the age of 70 is to be able to maintain a good memory well over their 90; this is the key to enhance your quality of life; although this is the dream for many people, we can start taking measures now that we are young in order to improve our chances.

Top 8

Laughter Therapy

Have you ever heard the term laughter therapy? in the last few years the use of this alternative and natural therapy has been spread around the globe thanks to the many benefits it offers, just to name a few: it boots the immune system and lower cholesterol, among many others

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Although anorexia is considered a fashion disease; it is in fact a very serious problem among many girls and an increasing number of boys; the consequences of this serious problem are underestimated.

Top 10

Benefits of Yoga

Better posture, stress relief, weight loss and better flexibility are just four of many benefits of the yoga.

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