Best Review - Top 10 Horror Films of 2010

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Horror movies usually carry much better story plot than ordinary drama and romance movies. Excitement, thriller and twists is what interests me in horror movies. If you're like me who enjoy horror and thriller than drama then go ahead and read the list. Hope you like this selection of horror movies. Feel free to suggest your favorite horror movies in year 2010. Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale I'm sure kids will fear santa after watching this movie. Not recommended for kids because of this anyway. Frozen It's not scary like usual horror movies but it has it's own psychological thriller or horror moments. The Wrong House It's low budget movie but definitely worth to watch for story, short but still noteworthy effects and flow of the movie. A serbian Film Those who are into american horror plots or typical gore movies will find this film interesting. It's quite the same old concept but nicely done. Blood River I remember similar story in japanese or other asian story plot but anyway, this movie is definitely worth to watch repeatedly. Parsomnia This is one of the best films in year 2010. Some cool performance from actors, camera-man and other technicians. Definitely worth to watch once. REC 2 Spanish zombie movie is expanding again with the sequel. You'll see the same apartment blocks and dead on the loose. If you like the previous one then surely you'll enjoy this one too. The Loved Ones This is quite old fashioned horror in comparison to the other released horror movies. I enjoyed this because it the one of the horror that i search in movies. All About Evil What's so special about this movie ? You need to watch it to find out yourself. I have enjoyed my time while watching this movie, it's typical horror yet exciting. Splice It's a bit complicated and odd movie to be in horror. There are some scenes which are definitely "eww" meter triggers.
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Thank you, I will check them

Thank you, I will check them out and search them in torrent.

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