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he Baby Boomer generation has finally begun to hit retirement age. As a result, the need for information about retirement is exploding! People are not sure where they might want to retire, how to manage their money, how to stay healthy, and how to understand other issues surrounding retirement. Many new retirees are getting conflicting messages about the decisions they must make. Others have been hit hard by the recession, and are not sure how they will ever be able to afford to retire.

With all this confusion, aging Baby Boomers are finding it helpful to have a central location where they can read information on retirement issues. Here is a selection of articles and short blog posts that you might find helpful, too.

After retirement, couples often are able to enjoy fun activities together!
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The Baby Boomer Retirement Blog

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With approximately 10,000 Baby Boomers turning 65 every day, there is a lot of demand for good information about issues that will affect their retirement planning. This blog scours the media and issues reports twice a week on new developments that may be of help or interest to these new retirees. By following this blog, you can receive these updates and easily stay up-to-date. The amount of information available on retirement is almost overwhelming. This blog attempts to keep things simple. However, it also gives you source information, so you are able to pursue the details when you want to.

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Finding the Best Places to Retire

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Currently the most popular post on the Baby Boomer Retirement blog, this post reports on some communities that are getting a lot of attention as people plan their retirements. Even if you are still a few years away from actually retiring, it is not too soon to start thinking about where you will want to live when you do retire.

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One of the Best Places to Retire is Laguna Woods Village, California

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If you are looking for a great place to retire in Southern California, you may be interested in this InfoBarrel article about Laguna Woods Village, California. This over-55 adult community has an abundance of amenities, including golf, tennis and horseback riding. This article is a helpful place to start your retirement planning research.

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Simplify Your Life Before You Retire

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Many people believe that "someday" they will downsize and simplify their life. Usually they think this will happen after they retire. However, smart retirement planners make the decision to do this before retirement. Then they know exactly how much income they will need after retirement!

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How to Reduce Your Changes of Getting Heart Disease

Heart Disease is still the leading cause of death as we age. Consequently, anything we can do to prevent a heart attack will improve both the quality and quantity of life we have have left. Learn how to protect yourself in this helpful HubPages article.

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How to Recognize Symptoms of a Heart Attack

Most of us have the movie image of a man clutching his chest and falling to the ground with a heart attack. However, this is not always the best depiction of a heart attack. Sometimes the symptoms can be much more subtle. This Hubpages article will help you recognize the symptoms if you or someone you love is having a heart attack.

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Retiring Former Hippies Spark a New Generation Gap

Many people think of retirement as calming spending the last 20 years of your life sitting on your back patio. Nothing could be further from the truth. In many retirement communities you will still find the old Generation Gap between the Baby Boomers and their parents' generation. Some of the things they disagree about have been going on for decades!

Top 8

Make Your Money Last the Rest of Your Life

Most people facing retirement worry about how they can make their savings last the rest of their lives. This is an especially real concern since the start of the recession in 2008. This article provides a simple system for making sure you never run out of money.

Top 9

Share Your Experience and Make Money on InfoBarrel

Just because you are retired, there is no reason to feel that you cannot earn money from home. You have a lifetime of experience that you could share through websites like InfoBarrel. When you do, you can even earn a little extra money to help you enjoy your retirement!

Top 10

Have a Long Life and Live to 100

How long do you think you will live? While heredity can make a difference, there are also actions you can take that are thought to increase longevity. Find out the secrets of people who live to age 100 around the world, including in a populated area of the United States!

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Someday every one of us will reach an age when we will no longer be able to work. If we don't prepare for this day, our senior years could become very difficult. However, a little preparation and research can make all the difference. Hopefully, this list of helpful resources will put you on the right track towards the best retirement possible!

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