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re you a fan of the WWE? While being a fan itself is fun, have you ever made out a list of goals to complete? If not, here is a list of ten goals for WWE fans to complete! This list is just for fun of course! But why not give it a try and see how many you can complete?

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Top 1

Attend At Least One WWE Live Event.

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The WWE travels all over the world, so you should definitely try to attend at least one WWE live event. There are three types of live events you can attend: a house show (which is a non-televised event), a television taping (Monday Night Raw or Friday Night Smackdown), and a WWE live Pay Per View event (which only happens once a month). Depends on the show, you can get your tickets for as low as $15 or $20 (before the fees, which will still not be too expensive). Whether you are sitting in the first row or up in the balcony, watching the action in person is a lot of fun!

Top 2

Attend a WWE Superstar or Diva Meet and Greet (Autograph Signing).

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The WWE will send Superstars and Divas all over the world to hold meet and greets (autograph signings). Fans will line up and get the chance to meet and talk to their favorite Superstars and Divas for a few minutes. At some autograph signings, posed photos with the Superstars and Divas will be allowed. Some autograph signings may cost a fee while others are free, and the majority of them are on a first come, first serve basis.

Top 3

Attend WWE Wrestlemania Week.

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Once a year, WWE holds it's most popular event, which is Wrestlemania. Wrestlemania is basically the Superbowl of professional wrestling, and it is celebrated for the entire week leading up to Wrestlemania. Fans can attend the WWE Axxess (which is basically a convention with autograph signings, matches, displays, and more), the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, and more! There is also the Wrestlemania event itself (which can be seen at home on Pay Per View)!

Top 4

Attend WWE SummerSlam.

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WWE SummerSlam is also held once a year (and can be seen at home on Pay Per View) and is the biggest WWE event of the summer. Just like Wrestlemania Week, the WWE will celebrate the big event for a few days before the big event. You can attend the SummerSlam Axxess, which is similar to the Wrestlemania Axxess, with autograph signings and other fun events! It all leads up to the WWE SummerSlam event itself!

Top 5

Start a Chant at a WWE Live Event.

When watching WWE events of television, you have probably heard the audience start different chants. You may have heard them at the events you have attended. So why not take a chance and start a chant of your own?

Top 6

Make a Sign and Get It Noticed.

Get some poster board and other art materials and create a sign for your favorite WWE Superstar or Diva! It may get noticed by them, or it may even make television. You can make the signs for both non-televised and televised events.

Top 7

Get Into The WWE Magazine.

The WWE Magazine will publish letters, photos, contests, and other fun ways for the fans to be a part of the magazine. So why not try to get into the WWE magazine? All it takes is some paper, postage, and your imagination!

Top 8

Own At least One Piece of WWE Merchandise.

You can buy WWE merchandise (of the WWE itself or specific Superstars and Diva) at WWE events, online at WWE Shop, or in retail stores. This includes clothing, hats, toys, and DVDs. You can also use craft materials to make your own merchandise, such as t-shirts and jewelry.

Top 9

Host a WWE Pay Per View Party.

The next time you decide to purchase a WWE Pay Per View, invite your loved ones over and turn it into a party! They may even help pitch in for the party. You can serve snacks, watch some WWE, and just hang out before and during the Pay Per View.

Top 10

You're a WWE Fan, So Be Loud and Proud!

Even if you cannot complete every goal on this list, do not be afraid to tell the world you are a WWE fan! This is something that entertains you; something you love...and it's something that all fans can do! So if you are a WWE fan, then be loud and proud about it!

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This list of WWE goals for WWE fans is only for fun, and do not worry if you cannot complete every goal on the list. The number of goals you complete does not make you any less or more of a WWE fan (just remember that last goal, be loud and proud). But completing these goals is not impossible! You never know, you may meet your favorite Superstar a few months from now. You may attend Wrestlemania a year or two for now! Whether you are hosting a Pay Per View party, attending an event, or creating your own merchandise, have fun just being a fan of what you love!

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