Best Review - Top 10 Free Video Editing Online Tools and Software

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In recent years, YouTube and other popular video-sharing sites have attracted a large population of Internet users spend their time watching, sharing and uploading video clips. If you have a mobile phone that comes with the video camera function, simply use it to record your own video and upload it to YouTube in seconds. However, to make a video clip, you can have to make some changes and add some special effects using video editing tool. Some of you know that professional software like Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro is not cheap to use, but the good news is that there are many services and free tools available on the web that can do the job quite well. We have put together 24 free online video editing and software tools that can make almost any complex editing software like scene transitions, loops, audio overlays, joints, etc.. So, have fun with video editing! Please feel free to share with us any other free tools in the comments section. PhotoBucket Photobucket offers Web-based Adobe video remix and editing tools that allow you to combine images, video, text and music to create personalized videos or "mashups" of content on your Photobucket album. No download required. One True Media A true media makes video creation easy. You can mix video and photos with effects, text and music and message to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and more. Kaltura Kaltura is an open source video platform that provides many media functionalities such as video searching, editing, annotating, remixing and more. JayCut Cellsea Movie Masher Clipgenerator Pixorial StashBox Windows Live Movie Maker
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I will definitely be checking

I will definitely be checking these out very soon...Thanks for the heads-up !!!

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