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thiopia is a very beautiful country in eastern Africa. The people have a ancient history and the food is delicious. I will post recipes, facts and photos about Ethiopia

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Ethiopian food part 1

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Ethiopian food is fantastic! It is diverse, different and exotic! Just like the country. The food is not found anywhere else, it is truly unique.

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Ethiopian food part 2

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Fasting . Every week, Wednesday and Friday are days for fasting. No meat or dairy products are eaten. Some people don't eat before the afternoon.
In addition to this, there are some longer fasts.

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Ethiopian food part 3

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Personally I like Ethiopian butter with everything!! I can boil spaghetti, mix with some butter and eat. Or melt it over some boiled rice. Ethiopians think I'm crazy, but they should try it! Widen out! In Ethiopia it is used in most food, it is an important spice.

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Injera - the Ethiopian staple food

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Ingera is made from a cereal grain that is unique known as Tef. Though t'efs is unique to Ethiopia it is diverse in color and habitat. Tef is a member of the grass genus Eragrostis or lovegrass.

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In Ethiopia is the crib of all coffee!

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If an Ethiopian asks you "Would you like a cup of coffee?", it is very important to consider how long you can stay, if you are in a hurry or not. It is not just to boil water and make a cup of coffee, it is a whole ceremony. The women dress up in traditional clothes for this, preparing coffee in front of the guests. It takes time, and you can't leave until you have had at least one cup.It can easily take an hour or two, all for a small cup of coffee. But it is worth it.

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Addis Ababa - the capital of Ehtiopia

Addis Abeba has hotels that cater to all budgets, from the luxurious Sheraton and Hilton hotels to the tourist class hotels. All tourist resorts offer a choice of modern hotels. You can also find an apartment hotel and rent a flat per week.

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So many languages in Ethiopia

he population of Ethiopia is estimated to 80 million. Among these people more than 80 languages are spoken! The main ones are Amharic, Oromo (Oromiffa) and Tigrinya.

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Ethiopian music and dancing

Even if you can't understand the words, Ethiopian music is so expressive and soulful that you will enjoy it anyway! Add to that the videos that go with the music, and you will be getting the feeling of the songs! The Ethiopian people themselves love music, you hear it everywhere.

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Quiz about Ethiopia

Abyssinia. Marathon. Queen of Sheba. Drought and starvation. Mountains. Beautiful people. People's images of Ethiopia are many and diverse.A lot of myth is mixed with facts.So what do you actually know about the country?

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In Ethiopia with a mule

Dervla Murphy actually walked all the way from Asmara to Addis Ababa on her own, only accompanied by a pack-mule. About twenty-five years later I did the same trip - by bus.

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Ethiopia is a tourist friendly country. There are so many beautiful places to visit and often all signs are in both Amharic (Ethiopian) and English!

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