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hen setting up a Wordpress Blog you'll no doubt want to use plugins as these can help your blog operate better both in terms of optimization and performance, aid the design and features of your blog, plus provide many other options to enhance the blogging experience both for yourself and your readers.

There are many WP plugins being developed all the time, some of which you may have to pay for, though most are free to download and install. What you consider an essential plugin comes down to preference in the end, though I have complied a list of some of the most popular WP Plugins that will benefit your blog. I use all of these myself so I can confidently say you will find them very useful.

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All-in-One SEO Pack

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WordPress is by default, a very search-engine-friendly publishing platform, but sometimes you want to have control over your blogs optimization, such as title tag and meta tags.

The All in One SEO Pack automatically optimizes your WordPress blog for search engines, or allows you to fine tune SEO options, allowing you complete control over Title Tags for all the pages on your site, including your home page, individual post, Meta tags descriptions, canonical URLs, etc.

This is one of the first plugins I install and even works as an out-of-the-box plugin for beginners with little knowledge of SEO, though I recommend you do learn some basic SEO principles to get the most out of this plugin.

Top 2

Google XML Sitemaps Plugin

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Sitemaps are the simplest way for to tell search engines that the posts and pages on your site are ready to be indexed.

Google XML Sitemaps Plugin will help search engines to better index your blog as it automates the process of submitting a sitemap to Google, and other other search engines.

Just install and activate the plugin and it will automatically create an XML Sitemap for your blog and submit a new sitemap to these search engines each time you add or modify content on your site.

There’s a built-in interface that allows you change settings and priorities of different pages for example, but once you’ve set the parameters to your liking, the sitemap is generated automatically.

Top 3

W3 Total Cache Plugin

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Google has recently included a 'page load factor' in determining the SEO of a site, so bloggers have started paying more attention on reducing their site load. W3 Total Cache plugin will certainly help as it makes your site run a bit faster through automatic page and database caching, which optimizes the speed and user experience of your site when it loads in the users browser.

This is an essential plugin for blogs that have a lot of content posts and pages.

Top 4

cbnet Ping Optimizer Plugin

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Every time you write, re-write or publish a post your WP blog notifies all the ping services that it has been updated. Do this too many time and your site may be tagged as ping spammer and you'll be banned. This may have consequesces for getting your site indexed.

cbnet Ping Optimizer prevents unnecessary pinging every time you edit and save your posts, and only sends pings at a less frequent rate or when your post appears in the future.

Top 5

SEO Smart Links Plugin

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Interlinking sub pages on your blog is a great way to both improve your rankings by using keyword-targeted anchor texts, and also increase the crawl rate and depth of your sites post and pages.

SEO Smart Links Plugin automatically builds and manages internal linking structures and provides automatic SEO benefits for your site. It links keywords and phrases in your posts and comments with corresponding posts, pages, categories and tags on your blog, in addition to adding custom keyword lists, nofollow and much more.

Top 6

WP-DB-Backup Plugin

A very useful plugin to help keep a backup of your WP files, the WP-DB-Backup Plugin allows you to backup your core WordPress database tables. When the backup is performed it sends you the backed-up database files to your email address for added security and access.

Top 7

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARP)

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) publishes a list of posts and/or pages related to the current post or page being read by your visitors. It introduces your readers to related or relevant content on your site, thus providing them with a richer experience.

This is a very useful plugin that allows your readers to see other related content you may have published and find value in your site.

Top 8

WP-PageNavi Plugin

This plugin creates handy and SE Optimized page navigation which appears at the bottom of your blog. Very useful in encouraging your readers to explore more of your previous posts or pages.

Top 9

Tweet This Plugin

Everybody seems to be on Twitter these days and so to let your twitter subscribers know you've publish a new post Tweet This Plugin does this for you automatically.

Tweet This Plugin has a lot of useful features and automatically tweets new posts via OAuth. A great plugin to help your publicize your blog and stay in touch via Twitter.

Top 10

AddToAny Wordpress Plugin

AddToAny Wordpress Plugin allows people to share, bookmark, and email your posts and pages using many services, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, Digg, Delicious, and well over 100 more social bookmarking and sharing sites.

AddToAny Wordpress Plugin is easy to customize, even for beginners, and as a social bookmarking tool it is a great way to help others publicize your blog posts and pages.

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There are many more WP Plugins, but the above are just a few of the most popular Plugins that millions of WP blog publishers are using every day on their blogs.

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wordplay's picture

Great list! I already use

Great list! I already use three of them, but I'll check out the rest. Thanks.

LindaJM's picture

Great suggestions! I love

Great suggestions! I love WordPress and use a lot of plugins.