Best Review - Top 10 Children's Stories of 2014


he delightful children's stories listed are Sheila Craan's most popular kid's stories this year. From a princess to a pauper and a little rocket that could, along with Babar the elephant, Pippi Longstockings, tool boxes and ladybugs and Elisa's day off from school, all are highly entertaining. Sheila's stories capture the imagination of children of every age. Younger children will especially enjoy her rabbit, duck and alligator stories!

Top Kids' Stories of 2014
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Top 1

Princess Abby

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A kind hearted and gentle princess who cares for a multitude of paupers takes a trip searching for an adventure to find a prince. She ends up adopting two children and bears three sets of triplets.

Top 2

The Little Rocket That Could

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Two lads set out to build a rocket, that wouldn't fly. Then something unexpectedly happens and they zoom into outer space. They manage to capture enemy space ships and more and enjoy a space party.

Top 3

Elisa's Day Off

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Elisa is excited she has the day off from school! A great day is planned at an amusement park, however, will she be permitted to go without a chaperone?

Top 4

Uncle Dan's Toolbox

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Uncle Dan takes Little Kenny to the museum. He fixes a flat tire, a fuel filter and builds a motor boat. His toolbox is lost and his nephew thinks of an eloquent way to head back home.

Top 5

Mud Pie Sister

Two opposing sisters craft a Mud Pie business, and the one who loved to fool around finally soars in school.

Top 6

The Classic Tale of Babar

The celebrated picture books of Jean De Brunnoff are a delightful read for children in grade school. Each Babar book delivers a particular message of hope and triumph. Discover the high spots here!

Top 7


A ladybug lived in a crystal glass house and she yearned to explore the world. One day she devised a way to sneak out with a cat and she turned into a raving beauty queen.

Top 8

The Toad and the Rabbit

A baby rabbit desirs to snack on a toad, however, once the toad saves his life in a mill pond, he sets out to befriend him or else.

Top 9

The New Adventures of Pippi Longstockings

The series of Pippi Longstockings written by beloved children's writer Astrid Lindgren is an interesting study for children reading chapter books. Discover her book's highlights here!

Top 10

Pat's Little Horsey

Pat loved to play with her rocking horse until Larry accidently broke it. Daddy bought them a real horse and Pat was mean spirited. She was punished and Larry won his first derby race.

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When children develop the pastime of reading their minds eloquently develop into mature human beings. They adequately learn in school and beyond and become self starters. A child’s self-esteem becomes stronger and they turn into a content person. It's imperative at first for parents to choose their children's reading material and read along as well. This reinforces and strengths the bond between parent and child.

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