Best Review - Top 10 Children’s Movies Watched During 2010

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ome of the cutest children's movies ever! These were watched a lot during 2010.

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1. Night at the Museum (2006)

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A newly hired museum night watchman is stunned to realize that everything comes to life at night.

I've seen this movie and thought it was terribly silly. I can understand why kids like it - but it wasn't one of my faves.

Top 2

2. Up (2009)

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Animated. An elderly balloon seller escapes from his retirement home via balloons, and travels to South America for adventure along with a youthful Wilderness Explorer Scout.

I haven't seen this movie yet. It is on my list.

Top 3

3. WALL-E (2008)

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Animated. Wall-E, the last robot left on earth, falls in love with a robotic EVE probe and tries to impress her with his pet cockroach and collection of human memorabilia. Cute...

Another movie on my 'must see' list. Sounds cute!

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4. The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (2005)

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Four children step through a wardrobe and into a magical world with the most gorgeous (and powerful) lion in creation.

I've read the book and seen the movie! Both are excellent!

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5. Ratatouille (2007)

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Animated. A talented French rat with outstanding culinary skills.

Um... I think we had this movie but I don't even remember it. Maybe I forgot to watch. Better put it on the list!

Top 6

6. Cars (2006)

Anamated. An adorable racing car gets waylaid in Radiator Springs where he learns there’s more to life than living in the fast lane.

A friend loaned me this movie. It was SO CUTE! If I had a little child in the house this would definitely be one we'd own.

Top 7

7. Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (2009)

An ancient Egyptian tablet that causes everything to come alive at night is shipped to the Smithsonian Museum.

I saw the first one (#1, above) and... well, maybe won't see this one. Perhaps it is for a different kind of person. A KID person, maybe?

Top 8

8. Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story (2005)

A promising race horse breaks its leg and is purchased by a Kentucky horse trainer whose daughter (Dakota Fanning) wants to save him.

I need to see this. Dakota Fanning movies always work for me.

Top 9

9. Kung Fu Panda (2008)

Animated. A pudgy, clumsy panda wants to become a Kung Fu master.

I haven't seen this one yet... and am putting it on the list.

Top 10

10. Happy Feet (2006)

Animated. Emperor penguins should sing, but instead Mumble can only dance. Eventually this works out in his favor.

Haven't seen this one yet either. Lots of children's movies on my 'must see' list now!

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dragonangel16137's picture

My daughter is now getting to

My daughter is now getting to the age to where she wants to watch alot of animated/cartoon things and I would def love to get her some of these. She especially likes the thought of ratiulle so I may get her that one...the rest I have heard about and they ALL seem like great movies to rent for the kids!! Thanks for sharing these!

exinco's picture

guess what? i'm fan of those

guess what? i'm fan of those movies lol. suitable for adult too :)

bujju's picture

Thanks for info.

Thanks for info.

mulberry's picture

I saw Cars and Ratatouille.

I saw Cars and Ratatouille. Both were excellent.

tandemonimom's picture

Lots of great movies ... but

Lots of great movies ... but I give a pass to Happy Feet. Awful film.