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rinkles are one of the things that cause anxiety and fear for people. They feel old and age, such as wrinkles on the face, hands and wrinkles around the eyes, especially women feel panic at the appearance of these lines and ninety ways to conceal them. Thin and dry and less flexible as the efficiency of the skin diminishes and its ability to protect against external factors and damage less and show wrinkles and fine threads on the skin.

What are the wrinkles and causes of appearance:
Wrinkles are the folds and folds that appear on the surface of the skin with age, which are wrinkles around the eyes and wrinkles of the face and wrinkles of the hands and skin all over the body and the appearance of skin softer and curled on the skin.

The first major cause is aging, long-term sun exposure, lack of collagen in the body, lack of interest in good skin cleansing, stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, vitamin E deficiency, and people with lighter skin are more prone to wrinkles. And lack of supply of the skin with sufficient blood and to feed them is one of the main reasons for the appearance of wrinkles.

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1 - water is one of the most important things that maintain the freshness of the skin and shine, take water daily from 6 to 8 glasses a day and you will get the skin is fresh and moist always.

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Toxic substances

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2 - Stay away from exposure to toxic substances or that have toxic substances such as smoking and drinking materials containing alcohol.

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3 - Sleeping daily for at least 7 hours to avoid the appearance of dark circles around the eye and eye wrinkles.

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Tension and anxiety

4 - Stay away from stress and constant anxiety because they are one of the reasons that lead to the appearance of wrinkles early in youth.

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5 - Stay away from watching television for long periods because the electrical charges that come out of it negatively affect the skin.

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6 - Stay away from the use of cosmetics and the use of a lot of creams moisturizing the skin on a continuous basis and wash the skin and cleaned throughout the day.

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Chemical Detectors

7 - Stay away from chemical traps and the use of handkerchiefs with natural materials extracted from natural materials.

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perfect weight

8 - attention to the weight of the body ideal because excess thinness or excess obesity also causes the appearance of wrinkles.

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Sun rays

9 - Put protective sunscreen protection against harmful sun during the day

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10 - Exercise facial muscles always draw a smile on it, it has a magical effect on the beauty of the face.

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