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our organization needs to process different types of paper documents - invoices, logistics documents, legal documents, contracts, different questionnaires, etc..? His office is buried in paper? Are you constantly looking for ways to cut costs and increase efficiency in business?

One way to achieve this is to invest in innovative technologies that automate processes paper processing business and does not require special skills or creativity of employees. This will allow you to spend less time on manual labor mechanic, and concentrate on more important tasks such as customer service.

Some time ago, the automation of workflow used to be available only to large companies, but nowadays the implementation of complex solution is fully accessible to small and medium enterprises and definitely benefits its customers by providing greater return on investment.

Now you can learn more about suppliers and products GED, OCR and data capture and analyzes numerous versions of complex tests and select the solution that will manage your workflow and meet their specific needs.

OCR software is a tool that serves to scan a book in the form of text that can be edited. With the help of this software, will facilitate and accelerate the work of the office to be copied hundreds of documents. Without tiring to retype again.

Transforming paper documents into digital files for easy management online, many companies, from small to large - be it a bank, a logistics company, a health service, one legal agency or a government structure, as ministries and educational institutions , or any other - has improved the accessibility and functionality of the business data, increasing the speed of service to customers, suppliers, citizens or staff at least 5 times.

OCR software works by analyzing the text in the book and then take an existing database in the software. The more databases OCR software will improve the accuracy and speed in the process of converting.

OCR software is available in free and paid versions. Surely it would be great paid software on appeal that the free version.

The following 10 OCR Software Free and Paid:

Best OCR Software 2014
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OCR Using Microsoft OneNote

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Presto! OCR

Other alternative paid OCR software. but not recomended.

Top 1

ABBYY FineReader Professional

The best ocr software support many language more than 190.

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Some criteria for choosing good OCR software is to be fast and accurate, supporting the Extract table, and supports multiple languages.

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