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here are more than a quarter million apps in the App Store but in this article you'll find only the best of the best: the top 10 best ipad apps!

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This is another app to brag among your friends. It identifies any song played through any speakers (even if they are very far away or the ambient noise is very loud), and t's just quite unbelievable how fast and reliable this app is. You also try to identify a song by singing to the mic that tune that has been wandering your head for the last few days, provided that you don't sing like a cat being strangled.

After Soundhound has identified the song it will give you all kind of data: album, band, date, and even the lyrics and a youtube video. Amazing!

PRICE: 3,99€ / 4,99$

This are the Top 10 best ipad apps you should purchase when you finally get that iPad, so be sure to do it! And please share your opinion in the comment section below ;)

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Part of the iWork suite, this app is like a Microsoft Word for the iPad. It lets you write anything perfectly with a clean and accessible layout, and you can also insert images images, choose different styles, etc. Then you can export it to the PC in a variety of formats (PDF, Word...) or through

The iPad's keyboard takes a while to get used to, but in the end it's incredibly fast and precise. A new update lets you converts Pages files into iBook files so you can read them with that cool "page curdle" effect!

As an example, I've written this article with my iPad's Pages, exported it through my PC and copied it to HubPages!. Essential.

PRICE: 7,99€ / 9,99$

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This is a truly magical app. It lets you remotely control your PC from wherever you are in an easy and intuitive way. It's practical uses are almost endless (your imagination is the limit): some of the obvious ones are e-mailing to yourself some important document you left in the computer; using the webcam to check out that the house is fine; or even starting a torrent download from work so you have it downloaded when you get home.

Other less obvious ones are making Hubpages articles away from home (you can check my article to see how to do it!); printing tons if pages while you are getting home; or playing Farmville to get those crops done. It also lets you browse the web so you can see flash based websites properly.

I've even used it to prank my room-mate by remotely playing a "demonic" song on Spotify while writing "Why did you betray me?" in big letters with Microsoft Word. Immature and stupid, yes, but the amusement I got from seeing his face through the webcam was priceless. I know, I know, I'm a kid ;)

PRICE: 19,99€ / 24,99$

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This in an awesome app to watch videos anywhere you go via Wi-Fi (or at least anywhere you go in your house!). It syncs with your desktop PC server so absolutely all the films stored in your hard drive are accessible from the ipad.

It also has something called "Live Conversion" which means that it creates a MPEG-4 file compatible with the iPad while you are watching the video. If you want to, you can also transfer this file via iTunes so you always have it with you.

It's very convenient so it definitely deserves a spot in this top 10 ipad apps list!

PRICE: 2,39€ / 2,99$

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This is the ultimate "get it done" app. It organises absolutely everything in a very clear and concise way, and it's also very easy to create new tasks. You can organise them in "contexts", for example "house", "people", "work" or anything you want, so you can focus on whatever you are able to do right now.

You can also organise full fledged projects with the exact dates and hour and even attach images, notes or audio records. The best part of it is that it has an "Inbox" where everything without any clear date or context is stored. This is extremely useful for random tasks that you want to to in an hour or two but don't want to forget, for example "water the plants". After the task is done you just make a tick with your finger and it disappears.

The icing of the cake is a Map feature which (if you have an Internet connection) will alert you when you are near a task (yes, you can geo-locate them). It's expensive but totally worth it if you don't want to ever forget anything anymore. This app is almost perfect!

PRICE: 31,99€ / 39,99$

Top 5


This is the best app to view any kind of file. It's able to open almost any type (PDF, TXT, photos or even audio files) and just does its job really well. It's fast, it has lots of viewing options and you can even download PDFs directly from the web.

They are also including highlighters and annotations in a future update so the real value of this app could easily surpass 10$... yet it only costs 0,99$. Go buy it now! A must in any Top 10 best ipad apps list.

PRICE: 0,79€ / 0,99$

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This app is especially useful for those who don't have a 3G iPad. Once you have installed the app an Instapaper bookmark in your browser, you can simply tap it to save any webpage you want to read it later. This way you can read them in the train or wherever you don't have an internet connection (or when you finally have time to read it!).

The interface is incredibly smooth too, to the point that it's actually more pleasant to read an article on Instapaper than in the web browser because the layout is like a magazine, very elegant and tidy and with the pictures presented in a beautiful way. Really neat.

PRICE: 3,99€ / 4,99$

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This is the ultimate drawing app for the iPad. If you aren't satisfied with some free doodling tools (which are ok if you just want to chill out) try this professional-grade drawing tool for the iPad. It unleashes all the potential of a touch-screen device, letting you draw with multiple preset brushes, colors and sizes to make an amazing painting. The newspaper "New Yorker" even used some paintings made with Brushes as their cover!

The interface is very intuitive and it has also a "replay" button which lets you watch exactly how you made the painting in fast motion.

PRICE: 5,99€ / 7,99$

Top 2

Note Taker HD

The new Note Taker HD 4.0 version is hands down the absolutely best app to take notes or efficiently write in the ipad. This amazing tool lets you write with very good precision (a stylus is a must if you want to do it right - and the "Ten 1 Pogo Sketch" is the best (costs around 15$)), choose different colours and thickness, erase.... it has even got some very nice organisational features and a "favourites" option.

But the the feature that makes this app shine so much is the "Edit 2" option. This tool divides the screen in two parts (the "real page" and the "wiriting page") so that the "writing page" is an ultra zoomed version of a zone of the "real page". This lets you write big letters in the "writing page" so that in the "real page" they appear as small and detailed as you want. It's difficult to explain, but it's genius!

As a student this is is definitely one of my favourite apps out there.

PRICE: 3,99€ / 4,99$

Top 1


This app is just amazing and absolutely essential if you regularly go to all kinds of news sites or use Facebook and Twitter. It displays all relevant information from the sources you choose in an extremely slick and stylish manner. It's almost like a magazine- you'll even see Facebook in a different way!

If you leave it at "standby mode" the app will show fullscreen photos of any of the sources you have chosen (and they look absolutely glorious in the iPad's screen), so you can leave it on the table and enjoy your new "interactive magazine".

Price: FREE

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This are the Top 10 best ipad apps you should purchase when you finally get that iPad, so be sure to do it!

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