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omputers have become the part and parcel of our daily lives and nobody can deny its importance. A complete guide of Articles is prepared from basic to advance users in order to equip themselves with the latest information on computer hardware, software, internet, networking and Buyer's Guide etc. I hope that after going through the Articles you will acquire the required knowledge for the smooth running of your system.

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Reasons for Magento E-Commerce Platform popularization

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Online store owners are always struggling to have an E-Commerce platform that best fit their online requirements. For this purpose the best digital solution in terms of functionality and sales goal optimization is sought. An E-Commerce platform that has been very popular now-a-days is Magento due to its advances feathers.

Top 2

New Google Maps to find your Location

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GPS technology is a revolution in finding your location and help small business person to find exactly the client meeting or lunch place. Approximate GPS functionality for free with the new Google Maps.

Google Maps can be used on your Windows Mobile Phone just like your desktop to find locations, plot directions or search generic things like Chinese restaurant or hardware stores.

Top 3

Yours Email Inbox as a Social Network

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People interact with each other on the Net via websites or Social Network Websites like very famous Facebook, Linkedin, Orkut, Twitter, Google Friends etc. There is one more very important neglected area on the Net where people tie is your Email Inbox. That is why Google and Yahoo and some other exciting companies are hoping to use email inbox as the top most area for social networks.

Top 4

Web Services working as your Travel Agent

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If you ever need to travel for business purposes or personal it is never easier to get all the relevant information which helps you decide the best itinerary. You might be aware of travel booking sites like Expedia or Orbitz but you may not be familiar with the following sites, which serves as your Travel Agent. Just take a look and decide.

Top 5

The New Service of Google! Now G-mail will also be used like normal phone

Google, the mostly used and authenticated search engine of the world has also stepped into services and application during the past few years. Now Google Messenger, Google News and Google Browsers (Chrome) are also getting popularity rapidly due to their simple usage. Recently Google has introduced a new feature of free phone calling to landline or mobile phone using their Gmail Service.

Top 6

Albany Beta Version Launched by Microsoft

It’s not easy to get the Microsoft Office copy for Teachers and Students with much trouble in a store like Costco.

Microsoft has launched its new beta release for Students and Teachers without forcing you to pretend as a Student.

Due to pressure of Google Docs and Google Apps, Microsoft first plan to have a new package with low price and hosted services.

Top 7

The Decline in the popularity of E-Books - A New era in the technology world

It is said that a book is a man’s best friend. Not only academic education but only general knowledge can be enhanced by its study and whenever you are lonely, time is happily passed by reading any good book. This is why even in the modern age of internet, the importance of book in not lessened rather it has taken new shape with the help of new technology which is given a name of “E-book”. E-book has been made in the shape of LCD screen of medium sized book. Essays on different topics and pictures are stored in its memory and this memory can also be altered. Many such E-books are coming around which are connected to the Internet with the help of Y-max and you can download books from on-line libraries worldwide and save it in your E-book for later reading.

Top 8

Cloud Computing? New Technology

Cloud computing is an advanced technology of computing resources present from outside your network. We can also term it as a virtualized computing environment. It includes online applications, hosted and managed infrastructure provided by your service provider.

Small and Medium sized business may consider turning to this new technology costly in terms of accessing sophisticated applications for instance CRM, developing, managing or to purchasing or customizing it. However, while examining consider your company’s non-proprietary infrastructure as well. Since every IT manager would prefer to handle strategic, high-value computing challenges, therefore, looking for a partner companies in this resort would be sensible.

Top 9

Converting Small Business to New Technology

With the help of new technology in operation now-a-days small businesses are realizing that they can now be able to beat their big business competitors. Among these new technologies which boosted the morale of small businesses concerns includes cloud computing with (SaaS), advanced wireless technologies, mobile devices and the emergence of Web 2.0.

Top 10

CCIE Routing and Switching Tracks

The Routing and Switching track is the most popular of all CCIE Workbooks It certifies highest level of knowledge in Cisco networking across LAN and WAN interfaces and a variety of routers and switches.

A CCIE specializes in latest networking technologies and protocols. He is expert in global operations like spanning-tree, IBPs, BGP, IP, network security etc. You can contact CISCO for a detailed description of what is covered in CCIE.
The CCIE Service Provider track certified individual gains expertise in building extensible service provider network infrastructure.

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It is a Information Technology era. Basic Computer knowledge is a must requirement for every person. Further Internet is the Hub of Information on various topics. You can easily search your required information your various search engines on the Internet. Among which Google is the Top Most.

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