Best Review - Top 10 Authentic Railroad Memorabilia


hese are the top selling items on my Vintage Antique Railroad Memorabilia webpage. My page highlights some of the coolest and most sought after railroad collectibles that were actually used on the railroad lines or train stations.

Railroad collectors love to buy old pieces of railroad history, especially if they are rare items. And collectors are willing to pay a decent sum of money to buy the right piece for their collection.

Antique Authentic Railroad Memorabilia
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Top 1

Antique Railroad Lanterns

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Many railroad collectors are looking to buy authentic Antique Railroad Lanterns.

Top 2

Railroad Crossing Signs

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Cast iron, metal, or enamel railroad crossing signs are all popular. However, cat eye marble railroad crossing signs are really cool and buyers will pay top dollar for these signs. You can see recent sale prices on my website.

Top 3

Burlington Northern Route signs

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Many people like to buy specific signs like the Burlington Northern Route Signs.

Top 4

Railroad Whistle Signs

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People also like to collect the railroad whistle signs or whistle post markers.

Top 5

Railroad Restroom Signs

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Typically these are the signs that were posted in the train station.

Top 6

Train Signal Equipment

Top 7

Railroad Telegraph Insulators

Recently a E. C. & M. Co. S.F. 1870's (CPRR) Central Pacific Railroad telegraph insulator Sold on eBay for $5,560.

Top 8

Pennsylvania Railroad Keystone Number Plates

Top 9

Railroad Teller Window

I saw a railroad teller window sell on eBay for more than $2700.

Top 10

Authentic Railroad Memorabilia For Sale HERE

See all these authentic railroad memorabilia items and more on my website.

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Do you collect railroad memorabilia? If so, what types of items do you have currently in your collections? Railroad signs? Lanterns? Bells or whistles? Leave a comment below and share with us what you love about antique railroad collectibles and what got you started collecting.

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