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Window Treatments For Small Windows
Best Review 9915
Author: zeph

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I'm sure most of us have been there at one time or another looking for window treatments for small windows in our homes. Earlier this year, we had to replace some window blinds because the string wore out and the blinds themselves were sagging in the middle and no longer fully closing. We found plenty of window treatments that went along well with the design...
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Best Review 9913
Posted by pjgermain introduced by steve8miller
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Once we're out of the peak of youth, and our metabolism starts slowing down, we all notice that we'll gain a few pounds in some really unflattering areas. The truth of the matter is, though that no matter our age, most of us will find ourselves wanting to shed a few pounds, if even for the sake of feeling healthier. The following are my recommended...
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Best Review 9912
Edited by seakap

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Let's get that heart rate up! We all know that the key to a fit and healthy body is getting moving, but what are the best ways to get your 30 minutes in? Here is a look at some of the best ways to slim your waist and tone your muscles!
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Smile is irreplacable
Best Review 9911
Edited by snerfu
Smile is a jewel that most of the fortunate people wear. A smile takes away the years and makes you young again. Do not forget to smile, it eases the tensions and makes life bearable. Here we will see some ways to bring the smile back to your face. Some of the ways outlined are simple while others are based on reality. Do not stick to any one way to keep...
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Top 4
Reviewed by asmblogger
Though we might be tempted to hoard a lot of baby gear, mostly because they are cute, here's the 4 most important baby gear to actually buy 1. Baby carrier 2. Baby bath sling 3. Pram 4. High chair
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yellow banana fruits
Best Review 9907
Writer: BaronVonSteuben referred by TinaAtHome
Fruits are great to eat everyday because they are considered healthy, taste great, and are filled with nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Fruits are also filled with fiber which makes them great for staying regular. Furthermore, fruits are portable, easy to eat, compostable and are just an all around great natural form of food. But what fruits are the best?...
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Best Review 9904
Authored by steve8miller
Trolling the internet every once in awhile you run into a conspiracy so great you cannot imagine it to be true. I have 3 videos of the top 3 Illuminati Conspiracy Theories that you may or may not have heard of. When talking conspiracies it is always up to the provider to prove the theory with evidence and then the conspiracy turns into reality. Get ready...
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