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Publisher: bill0123

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Creative agencies, media agencies, PR agencies, "general" agencies. All have faced significant technology disruption in the form of shifting consumer behaviors, disintermediation by vendors, and relentless waves of "marketing tech" requiring evaluation and training. To understand the changes afoot in marketing services business models, we asked a number...
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Editor: pat0147
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The singer, designer, and cookbook author invites us into her farmhouse to show us how she spends a day off.​ "I start the morning with coffee in the sunroom. It mentally prepares me for the day. I'm a chick singer. I used to sleep 'til noon, so 9 is still early to me. Then I drink the first of two cups of coffee. It's the only vice I have that I'm not giving...
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Created by pat0147

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Recipe of the Day: Baja-Style Fish Tacos Crack open a cold Mexican cerveza to make this tasty beer batter and it will forever change the way you think about fried fish. Strawberry Country Cake Let's be real here: Juicy-sweet strawberries and fluffy home-whipped cream really need nothing but each other for a little magic to ensue. Cajun Mashed Potatoes...
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The Top 5 Companies For A Mediterranean Yacht Charter
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Editor: Robin2015
Roaming the Mediterranean islands via yacht has long been a favored pastime of the world’s wealthy, but now it is easier than ever to access the splendor of the area with a Mediterranean yacht charter. With everyone from mega-cruise ships to local sailors coming up with ways to guide visitors through the experience, you can’t go wrong if you choose...
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Top 5 Environmental Insurance Companies
Best Review 10230
Reviewed by Robin2015
Environmental liability insurance is important for companies that are involved in activities that may cause some form of damage to the environment. For example, an oil company that causes a spill in the ocean would certainly benefit from having environmental insurance. While these businesses can also get standard liability coverage, this form of insurance...
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Sent by annap
Like it or not, de-cluttering is something we all have to do at least once in our lives. We may need to de-clutter for a variety of reasons and it may be that we don’t really want to but here are 3 reasons why we should.
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Posted by rock guitarian
This is about cricket which has started several years ago in UK in 18 th century. it is basically a bat and a ball game the people who bat are called as batsmen. many cricketers played cricket for several years but among them some of them dominated others and those are called as legends. some of them are as follows :-
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